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Our range of Natural Food Colours provide you with a set of PRIMARY FOOD COLOURS. These natural food colourings are also known as food colors, food additives, food lakes & food blends worldwide.

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R & D Facilities

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Research and development activities assume utmost importance in our manufacturing facilities and product development. In our quest to produce quality , colors and flavors of relevance, which retain their inherent unique characteristics, we always try to incorporate innovative methods and techniques utilizing our advanced research results. Our R & D team has helped us in improving the quality and development of new products that can satisfy the different requirements of our customers and match industry standards.

We have a sophisticated research laboratory with comprehensive range of test equipment such as calibrate equipment and gauzes to ensure smooth process and quality of research. To compete with the changing environment and ever increasing competition, we spend a big share of our revenues to keep abreast with latest technology. The expansion of facilities is a continued part of our growth and commitment to providing quality products for our rapidly increasing client base.

Our research team comprises of senior engineers, technicians and chemists with vast industrial experience and technical know how of latest research methods and processes. The research department works with the objective of producing products at competitive prices, regular and consistent supplies, consistent improvement in quality & purity standards and the development of new products.

Utilizing the strategies and plans developed by our research team, we have been successful in reducing the prices of our products and have developed reliable networks in market and supply chain to ensure smooth and uninterrupted supply of our products like synthetic food colorings, natural food colorings, food additives, food flavors and food dyes.