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Our range of Natural Food Colours provide you with a set of PRIMARY FOOD COLOURS. These food colorings and food flavorings blends worldwide to add visual appeal to various food products.

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Health & Safety Policy

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Our management considers health & safety, environmental protection & accident prevention as of great importance in line with any other phase of operation or administration. The policy of the company is to provide and maintain safe & healthy working environment. It also ensures to follow operating practices that will safeguard all employees and result in safe working conditions and efficient operations.

Health & Safety is a must for us so we integrate environmental considerations into our business decisions. We design & modify our product and processes to minimize their environmental, health and safety hazards.

Salient Features of Our Health & Safety Endeavours:
  • Demonstrating our level of commitment towards safeguarding the environment, we maintain the highest level of compliance with all applicable environmental regulations.
  • We maintain one of the advanced and effective effluent treatment plants to that meets the required outlet norms.
  • Every employee follows safe practices and assists to detect and report hazardous conditions to his/her superior.
  • We ensure that the working conditions at the factory are clean, hygienic, organized and safe
  • Various safety garments like safety coats & vests, gloves, shoes, etc., are used by the workers.
  • The various types of natural food colorings & natural food flavorings offered by us are manufactured in total clean & dust free environment. We also maintain international quality standards. The colours are 100% safe and are extensively used for food products, pharmaceuticals tablets & syrups.
Our government lays strict regulations on consumer and environmental protection, occupational health, manufacturing processes and transport and the management of food colours & synthetic flavours. Abiding by the existing legislation, we – Rung International, are committed to improve the management of products and processes through the responsible programmes and a combination of voluntary initiatives and specific action programmes.